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1. Project Name: Second Health Care in the Central Highlands Project – HICH2

2. Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank

3. Executing Agency: Ministry of Health

a. Address: 138A Giang Vo, Hanoi

b. Tel: 04.62732215 – Fax: 04.6273 2209

4. Implementing Agency: Central Project Management Unit and Provincial Project Management Unit in 5 central highlands provinces.

a. Address: 4th Floor, Office Area, Pullman Hotel – 40 Cat Linh, Hanoi

b. Tel: 04.37262927 – Fax: 04.6273 2209/04.37262928

5. Project Duration: 2014 - 2019

6. Project location: Ministry of Health and 5 central hinglands provinces (Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai and Lam Dong).

7. Total Project Fund: 76,600,000 USD, trong đó:

7.1. ADB loan: 70,000,000 USD

7.2. Counterpart fund: 6,600,000 USD



1.  Project objective:

To improve service quality to increase access to and use of health services at the population level through: (i) improving facilities by building new, upgrade some CHSs, ICPs and district hospitals including WWTPs, (ii) providing medical equipment and HMIS for central levels, provincial, district, commune and village levels, (iii) health human resources development through long-term and short- term training courses in professional and managerial skills and (iv ) service access support.


2.  Outputs:

- Output 1:  Improving primary health care at the commune level

- Output 2: Improving access and quality of hospital services.

- Output 3: Strengthening management capacity at all levels.


3. Project components:

3.1 Component  A:  Improving  primary  health  care  at  the  commune  level,  including  2  sub- components:

- Upgrading health services at the commune level

- Improving access to community based health services


3.2 Component B: Improving Access and Quality of Hospital Services, including 2 sub- components:

- B1: Improving Access and Quality of Hospitals

- B2: Developing health human resources


3.3 Component C: Strengthening Management Capacity at all level, including 2 sub-components:

- C1: Strengthening Management Capacity at all levels

- C2: Effective management and implementation.



Project Duration: 5 years from 2014 to 2019

Ending date: 30 June 2019.

Ending loan date: 31 December 2019



Percentage of funding

ADB loan: 70 million USD equivalence to 91,4%

Counterpart fund from Vietnam government:  6 million equivalence to 8,6% 

Total project fund: 76 million USD equivalence to 100%

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