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            From 16 to 22 August 2016, at the Office Meeting room in Hanoi, ADB Mission led by Mr. Gerard Servais – Senior Health Specialist, had a mission review meeting with CPMU of Second Health Care in the Central Highlands. Representatives of HICH 2 include Dr. Ha Van Thuy – Project Director; MA. Nguyen Thi Mai An – Deputy Project Director and all consultants as well as staffs of Project.

Meeting with ADB mission      

            On behalf of ADB review mission, Mr. Gerard Servais emphasized that this meeting played a very important role in reviewing and evaluating all activities, discussing and making agreement for some solutions to difficulties in order to accelerate project progress in the coming time.                  

            On behalf of CPMU of HICH2, Dr. Ha Van Thuy indicated that by now the Project has performed smoothly and effectively. Currently, 08 consulting firms are being recruited simultaenously to shorten procurement period. Especially, Project is accelerating implementation of civil works and equipment procurement. By the end of 2018, it is estimated that all equipment will be available and ready to install when new building or upgrading works are completed for public healthcare services. Dr. Ha Van Thuy also requested ADB to speed up No-objection letter procedures and increase maximum level for imprest account.             

In meeting session on 16 August 2016, ADB mission listened to presentation of CPMU consultant on project progress and baseline survey results by baseline firm.           

Written by: Hoang Truc (CPMU)

Photo by: Ngoc Tram (CPMU)

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